Why it isn`t easy to quit Facebook these days (for me)

So you are on Facebook. Maybe not. But the possibility is very high you are one of the 950M people who share annoy, read wasting time and communicate troll over this ridiculous big plattform. I am on Facebook. But my plan is to quit Facebook (see reasons above.). But that’s not easy, though. Why? It´s an easy way to stay in contact with the ones you love (i like easy). My main use is the messaging function. Sometimes i read my stream, but twitter will always be my Plattform of choice when it comes down to reading news (When i want to know what my friends are doning, i call them). I give you 3 Reasons why it´s is not easy for you me to quit Facebook.


I use it on a daily basis. Sometimes more somtimes less. It’s very consistent through all platforms, this means all messages come simultaneously on all my devices (Android, iPhone, Macbook Pro).  Furthermore the Messagner App Facebook created is great. Really! It is. (Do not mix it up with the official Facebook App. On iPhone the official App is great. On Android it’s a catastrophe). It runs smooth on Android and you have all your conversations in one place. Its important for me to stay in contact on the go. Many of my clients use Facebook. So am i. Need,  isn ‚t it?

Do You Like Radio? – The Triquency Fan Page

I work as a Social Media Guy at the Campus Radio Triquency. Helping people updating statuses and picture and all of this crap stuff. I´ve created all the apps and Sub-Pages. Its very difficult to do, and some off the Subpages run on my Sever. I have to say, i like my work there very very much. Interacting with fans and watch the fanbase grow is one of the few cool things facebook can do. Why do u no google+?


My Brother is in Austrailia. He often posts Photos of his trip. I coded a little WP Theme for this Trip. But he doesn’t use the WordPress Plattform (Why man, why?) So i want to stay up to date what he is doing down there. If i quit Facebook, it´s all gone. I do not want that!!!

You may say, „Hey create a Dummy Profile“. I say: „No wouldn’t that be the same? You stay on Facebook.“

You see, there is no way out for me. At least for now. I want to quit, but i simply can’t dont want to lose all the gimmicks Mark gave the world.

Thank you Mark.

So what`s your reason to use facebook? Are you a fan or it is a love/hate relationship like mine?

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