Warum erforschen wir den Weltraum?

Ich hatte in der letzten Woche ein Gespräch mit meinem Kollegen aus der Bürogemeinschaft. Es ing um die Landung auf dem Asteroiden und was das denn alles für Geld kostet und das wir hier auf der Erde doch viel mehr Probleme die erstmal gelößt werden sollten. Das sei alles nur Spaß und Unsinn. Ich habe ihm darauf verscht zu erklären das viele Errungenschaften in der Medizin wie zB das MRT aus der Forschung in Raumfahrt resultierten. Naja er wollte das nicht so richtig wahr haben und war in seiner Meinung recht eingefahren.

Jetzt ist mir gerade durch meinen RSS Reader die gleiche Frage auf Redit durchgerutscht und die erste Antwort ist wirklich gut. Die wollte ich euch nicht vorenthalten.

Why is space exploration important to mankind?
by WhatTheHorcrux
I have been so excited with the incredible discoveries and accomplishments in space that I’ve been able to witness in my lifetime (I am 23) especially recently. Orion absolutely rocks my socks! However, I’m having a hard time backing up the importance of space exploration to a good friend. She thinks it’s cool and gets that exploration and wonder are great, but she has a hard time reconciling the costs when there are so many screwed up things in our earth. Basically, why is spending money on space exploration justified while people are starving and dying of disease here? Help me out, because I want a good argument!

Answer – KaneHau

The most compelling reason is that eventually Earth, as we know it, will be doomed. We need to learn how to get off the planet if we want to eventually survive. (Suggest read is Phil Plait’s book Death From The Skies.)

Things like hunger and disease are political and social issues. We could have no hunger and little disease with more international cooperation and less corruption.

Science is a very very very tiny part of any governments budget – but the return on information, new technologies, new methods – is a huge reward.

You also have to consider that much of the technology required to feed the hungry and fight disease is directly related to science, including space sciences.

Experiments like HI-SEAS, the Martian Habitat in Hawaii allow for discoveries in how to feed people in a desolate place like Mars. How to deal with diseases where there is no access to medical support. These are valuable lessons.

Consider what one impact from a sufficiently sized asteroid would have if it hit a major populated region. Having space based detection, and eventually avoidance, is essential.

In fact, much of modern communication, weather information, navigation, and even spying, is conducted in space. Remove that component and you push humanity backwards 100+ years.

The reality is… if you put more money into science, you will move humanity forward faster than taking money out of science and feeding corruption.

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