Webdokus im Netz – Eine Sammlung

Hallo liebe Freunde der gepflegten Internetbespaßung.

Hier meine Bookmarkliste die ich zur Recherchezwecken meiner Bachelorarbeit angelegt habe. Das sind Webdokumentationen oder auch Interactive Documentaries die mir im Internet so alle Untergekommen sind. Wünsche viel Spaß beim anschauen.

Wer noch andere kennt, immer in die Kommentare damit!

[Beitragsbild von webdoku.de]


Honkytonk Films – Online screening: Journey To The End Of Coal
NFB/Interactive – National Film Board of Canada
Saving Papua New Guinea’s Forests – an interactive research trip to Tep Tep | DW-WORLD.DE
The Man From Hollywood
NFB/Interactive – Bear 71
Webdirectory « 3wdoc
Greenpeace International – Shadowlands
Are You at Risk? | Greenpeace
Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy
Gaza Sderot – Life in spite of everything
The Whale Hunt / A storytelling experiment / by Jonathan Harris
Passing Stranger :: East Village Poetry Walk
Mapping Main Street » A Collaborative Documentary Media Project
Anne Franck au pays du manga – Webdocu.fr
Moments of innovation – location – content
Mangueira – Unterwegs in einer Favela in Rio de Janeiro | DW.DE
Der magische Weg nach Oz | Die fantastische Welt von Oz | Google Chrome
Les Communes de Paris – Le WebDoc GrandParis
Urban Survivors – Médecins Sans Frontières
360 degrés::. Kesenuma / Japan Crisis / 11-03-11 :: www.360degres.info :: Reportage/Webdoc Réalisation Adrien DUQUESNEL/360degres.info .::
OFFSHORE Preview | Helios Design Labs
SRF Dok – Seidenstrasse Webdok
CBC News web documentary: Exile Without End: Palestinians in Lebanon
OFFSHORE | Preview
Firestorm: The story of the bushfire at Dunalley | World news | guardian.co.uk
A Journal Insomnia – NFB/interactive – National Film Board of Canada
Alma – A tale of violence
The Wilderness Downtown
Storyplanet – Big River Rising – Belen warning
Experience the Haiti earthquake as a survivor, aid worker, or journalist
À l’abri de rien : daniel
How Popcorn Maker adds a new layer of information to a TEDTalk | TED Blog
Hollow: An Interactive Documentary by Elaine McMillion — Kickstarter
Interactive documentaries change the way we tell stories | DocGeeks
Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek – Multimedia Feature – NYTimes.com
Le Jeu des 1000 Histoires
Descubre el periodismo con Rosa Maria Calaf en Documenta | MyDOCUMENTA
Tot un Món | MyDOCUMENTA
Dadaab Stories
Invisible Picture Show
GELD.GR – deutsch :: geld.gr
The Whale Hunt / A storytelling experiment / by Jonathan Harris
Hackney Girl (2003) by Ian Flitman
Inside the Haiti Earthquake – E-learning Examples :: E-learning Examples
Interactive Globe: Small Arms Imports & Exports
Lance Weiler :: Writer, Director & Experience Designer for Film, TV, and Games. | Pandemic 1.0
Hollow: An Interactive Documentary
Projects | IDFA DocLab
CBC Interactive Feature: Lebanon
Iranorama – FRANCE 24
Planet Galata
BBC News – Three steps to build a wind farm
Planet Galata
Argentine : Carte sémantique
Meisterwerk: Argentinien. Das schönste Land der Welt. – webdoku.de
Meisterwerk: Planet Galata – webdoku.de
Meisterwerke – webdoku.de
Bielutin, Das Geheimnis einer Sammlung – DIE SAGA
Europa die Ostgrenze, Ein Web-Dokumentarfilm von TAWAN ARUN JORIS RÜHL
Amour 2.0 – L’Art de la dispute – Episode 1
Jour de vote, dans la peau d’un député
The Iron Curtain Diaries – 1989 2009
Startseite – Farewell Comrades
La cité des mortes : web documentaire sur l’affaire des mortes de ciudad juarez
Web Documentaire „Raconte-moi les forêts“ – WWF
The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place · SBS · Redfern Interactive Documentary
The Block: Explore
Documedia – Calles Perdidas
One in 8 Million – New York Characters in Sound and Images – The New York Times
Unknown Spring
Riding the New Silk Road – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com
Hollow – An Interactive Documentary
Klick, klick, Star. Die Webdoku.
NFB/Interactive – Similkameen Crossroads
Broken Hopes, Oslo’s Legacy – Arrival in : Hebron
Get goodies for your Chrome OS device
A Game of Shark and Minnow – Who Will Win Control of the South China Sea? – NYTimes.com
NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations explained | World news | theguardian.com