Domain Appraisal Scams

Ich so heute Abend: „Boah hammer, da will jemand meine Domain kaufen!! Für mehrere tausend Euro…“

Die Mail:


My client is a businessman from Qatar. At this time he is interested in purchasing your

Please respond and specify a desired price in the subject line.

My client has $215,000 usd for 50-60 domain names. He is very interested in financial, shopping, adult, gambling, mobile phones and weight loss related domains.

Please let us know your preferred payment method (PayPal, Western Union, escrow etc.). If this is your first time domain sale I may help you with the sale/transfer process.

Are you a member of domain seller communities/forums? Probably, we know each other under some nicknames?


Roger Hetzner

Dorfplatz 5
Phone: 00417809532

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email communication may contain private, confidential, or legally privileged information intended for the sole use of the designated and/or duly authorized recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient or have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately by email and permanently delete all copies of this email including all attachments without reading them.


Ich schreib dem, dass ich die ihm gerne per Sedo zukommen lassen könnte, mit einem Preisschild für 5000$.

Soweit so gut. Ich meine hey, ich habe auf diese Weise schon zwei Domains verkauft. Warum also nicht.
Und dann kam seine Antwort.

5000 – Ok. Great! Before we proceed my investor needs only one thing from you:

As you may know all major domain brokers does not allow listing above $1000 or higher if you don’t have an official appraisal. Since the sale price is not low in our case, my client needs an official certificate of price (appraisal). He also needs to know you have no trademark problems. It won’t be a problem since I know an official appraiser that offers this option (trademark infringement verification) for free as a part of the appraisal service.

I’m also interested in a good valuation and a high sale price because my client pays me a commission (10-15% of the sale price) on every domain purchase. So I’m not interested in low sales too.

Of course, you should not use a free automated service like Estibot or similar services. My client won’t accept them. I was working for Estibot and knew they were using automated scripts for free appraisals. In our case we need a real manual valuation.

To avoid mistakes and wasting money on useless automated services I asked in the forum about reliable manual valuation/TM verification services. Please read this:

The process is very easy:

1. Go to the appraisal site and order the valuation with the TM verification. Submit your domains to them and let them know you have a buyer with $X,XXX offer so you need the appraisal near this value. After several hours you will get the results.

2. Then send these results via email and we’ll proceed with the deal.

If you are new to the appraisal process I can help you with a step by step instructions.

Roger Hetzner

Dorfplatz 5
Phone: 00417809532


Das machte mich stutzig. „official appraisal“?! Sprich ein offiziellen Beleg für den Wert der Domain? Dieser kostet 69€? Die ich bezahlen soll? Auf einer Seite die er mir vorschlägt?

Außerdem der Link der zu der Webseite war äußerst merkwürdig. Ernsthaft? –> Whois

Nach ein wenig rumgooglen bin ich dann auf den Artikel hier gestoßen.

Als Antwort habe ich ihm dann, wie in dem Artikel geschrieben, einen anderen Appraisal Anbieter vorgeschlagen. Bisher keine Antwort.

Ich wäre lange nicht so euphorisch gewesen, hätte ich nicht schoneinmal 2 Domains für mehrere hundert Euro vertickt. Was auch immer. Das ist mir echt neu. Und ehrlich gesagt, recht klever gemacht. Da ist sicher schon so mancher drauf reingefallen. Was lernen wir daraus? Richtig: „Dont get to excited when someone wants to give you money from the Internet. true story!“

Darf ich jetzt endlich meine Serien schauen liebes Internet?

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